If It’s “Tuscany,” It Must Be Good

Husband JP was flummoxed by this loaf of "Neo-Tuscan" bread we found in a Wal-Mart bakery department. I mean, "neo-Tuscan?" What does that even mean? Is there such a thing as "new-Tuscan?" We in no way would ever be confused that we perhaps were buying "old-Tuscan" bread. But at least the label has all the triggering words that make me add an item to my shopping bags: natural, Tuscan, boule. Never mind that this basically is a round loaf of soft crusty white bread. It's "neo-Tuscan!" So there!

7 thoughts on “If It’s “Tuscany,” It Must Be Good

  1. If you let it sit out a day does it then become false advertizing? 🙂
    No matter what the label says I bet it tastes great. How can you go wrong? It’s bread!

  2. The first three searches for “neo-Tuscan” on Google are all about the Wal-Mart bread, which tells you most of what you need to know about the concept.

  3. Y’all must be fellow bread lovers, like me! And although Husband JP is correct about Google results for “neo-Tuscan bread,” I did find out that “Tuscan” bread typically is made from a no- or low-salt dough and of course this version has salt so perhaps that’s the “neo” part. Just an idea …

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