Eating is Good

After my dad had his cardiac arrest on Friday, he was considerate enough to be sent to a hospital near Nashville‘s West End. Which means that whenever my mom and brother and I get tired of hospital food, we’ve got some of Nashville’s finest merely steps away. Such as Rotier’s Restaurant, the 65-year-old eatery equally as famous for its meat-and-three plates as its cheeseburgers on french bread. And Michaelangelo’s Pizza, a popular spot with pizza that tastes garden fresh that’s only about 10 years old but looks and feels much older — in a good way.  But the hospital food court has some great options, too — the pulled pork barbecue on cornbread pancakes today was excellent. Sauce a little on the sweet side, but there you go. And, of course, the fact that we’re talking about food instead of … well … funerals makes everything taste all the better.

6 thoughts on “Eating is Good

  1. Rotier’s has the best burgers. On my first date with my wife (quit a few years back) I took her there for a burger. We lived in Sewanee, TN at the time and it was a couple hours drive. We still make an annual visit to enjoy their burgers with a bottled Coke.

  2. so glad your daddy is improving. Still praying for all of you. My favorite thing about you…you ALWAYS find a positive to everything that happens.

  3. Thank you all for the kind wishes and positive thoughts. You lifted us up when we needed it. My dad’s getting stronger every day — amazing!

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