Shopping … Or, Why is there a Fire Hydrant in the Middle of this Store?

Folks in my area of northwest Alabama-northeast Mississippi-southwest Tennessee will recognize Henco Furniture in Selmer, Tenn. This mecca of furniture and home-decor is known for its slogan, “It’s worth the drive!”, and for its creative layout: The whole store is arranged like a downtown’s Main Street, with Americana storefronts, trees, parks and even a fire hydrant. You really feel as if Andy and Barney are going to be around the next corner. (Note the famous “barber” painted on the barbershop window.) Staff is friendly and helpful, and customers include everybody from bargain-hunters to those with unlimited budgets. There’s even a fun family restaurant and old-fashioned ice-cream parlor, the Whistle Stop Cafe. Oh, and the furniture? It’s there, too. You stroll along and go into one “store” for bedding, another for office furniture, another for kitchen tables and so on. Husband and I were there in our continuing quest to figure out our married-together style so we can fill up the empty spaces in our new house. His style got sort of stuck in 1980s bachelorhood. My style has stagnated, too, after years of marriage to a woodworker who specialized in country-Shaker furniture and then after years of being a financially challenged single mom. So Husband and I have some work to do. At Henco, we walked along and I said, “Oh, I like that” and then we kept walking and a few minutes later he said, “Oh, I like that” and sometimes it worked out that we said it at the same time. But not so often. Sigh. This is going to take a while. More shopping needed!

7 thoughts on “Shopping … Or, Why is there a Fire Hydrant in the Middle of this Store?

  1. One complicating factor is that we don’t have much room for any furniture, new or otherwise. Another is that we will both look at things we like and then remember that we have cats.

  2. Wow, I wish I lived near that store! It looks awesome and seems that they really have the idea down pat – whowants to see walls of sofas, etc….
    Cats – I have cats and it’s not an issue with them as longas you train them well. Good Luck with the shopping!

  3. Debie — Thanks so much. I think the “train them well” part is beyond us — and probably too late for both us and the cats at this point. Oh, well!

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