Could I Have Those Green Peppers Chopped, Please?

If these photos are any indication, it’ll be good times in our kitchen when it comes to making Christmas dinner this year. Grandson Capt. Adorable, who’ll be 3 next spring, is a whiz at cutting up green peppers — at least, the wooden peppers in his Captain-sized kitchen don’t stand a chance against the skillful wielding of his (not sharp at all) knife. He also cooks a mean pepperoni pizza, thanks to outstanding toymakers Melissa & Doug, who make all sorts of safe and imagination-stirring toys in case you’re still looking for a special something for the little ones on your list. You’ve got to watch the Captain, though — he’s just as liable to cook up a serving of cute little Beanie Babies as he is a yummy wooden vegetable stir-fry. You have been warned.

3 thoughts on “Could I Have Those Green Peppers Chopped, Please?

  1. Thank you all for the sweet words. I’m dreading that first hair cut! And, Mary, he’s not 3 yet — he’s 2 3/4, but it’s easier to say “almost 3”!

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