Purple Potatoes

Thanks to everybody who’s worried that I’ve already dropped my plan to cook supper for my husband at least one night a week. It’s true that the week of Thanksgiving I did take a break (hey, I’d cook two or three times by then!) since we were fed practically everywhere we went, but I got back in the groove this week and for our weekly-supper-at-home, I fixed … wait for it … stir-fried vegetables. But the big surprise was the PURPLE baked sweet potatoes. Yes. Purple. I got the potatoes and the broccoli, onion and red pepper at the Jack-O-Lantern Farms market in Muscle Shoals (I think fall broccoli has a sweeter taste than its spring version) and added some mushrooms and baby carrots from the grocery. We liked the potatoes — which I’ve seen in specialty grocery stores, too, such as Earth Fare — although they weren’t what we expected. They have the creamy consistency of sweet potatoes combined with the subtle  taste of white potatoes. But how much fun is it to eat purple food? I think purple mashed potatoes would be sort of wonderful. Husband got a kick out of them, anyway. So score another victory for Week No. 3 of Cooking Supper At Home. And before you start congratulating us for unpacking all the boxes that have been evident in the previous CSAH photos, I have to tell you that they’re still there — Husband simply was sitting on the other side of the table for this photo. I know, I know, but surely you don’t expect me to cook supper once a week AND unpack boxes, too???

7 thoughts on “Purple Potatoes

  1. Most times, I think cooking is better than unpacking boxes, however, that depends on the day. Good for you that you tried something different for a vegetable. I am a purple person, and have yet to try a purple potato. Must put that on my shopping list.
    Happy cooking!!

  2. I wasn’t sure what to make of those purple sweet potatoes. They might be better with a savory topping rather than the the usual sweetness I like on a regular sweet pertater. … The stir-fried veggies were so good, I went for seconds.

  3. Kathleen — Thank you for your support! I’ve seen the purple sweet potatoes at stores such as Earth Fare and Whole Foods. Let us know how you like them.

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