Why I’m A Proud Mom

Y’all have got to read my younger daughter’s newspaper column that was in the TimesDaily, Florence, Ala., this past Friday. She wrote about moving from our house of the past 15 years, and how the house had taught her to embrace a spirit of adventure. She is awesome like that. My older daughter is awesome like that, too. How did I get so lucky? Still not lucky enough to have the Interwebs at our new house, but lucky enough to have awesome children. And we did get TV yesterday, so things are looking up.

4 thoughts on “Why I’m A Proud Mom

  1. Well, your daughter certainly has a talent for writing, that’s for sure. I came near to tears a couple of times. The article pulled at my own heartstrings.
    Congratulations to your daughter for an exceptional way of telling a chapter in one family’s life.

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