Press Releases and Peaches

Have I told y’all that I’ve got a new job? Well, I use the term “job” loosely because it’s really just fun that I get paid for. And I’m using the phrase “get paid for” loosely, too. I’m the new marketing director for a local arts association that oversees an art museum and a renovated historic theatre. It’s part-time — only a few hours a week — and of course  it’s non-profit, so you can see that this is not the path to great personal wealth and riches. Of the money kind, at least. Because in terms of great personal satisfaction, this job rocks. The staff offices are in the museum, so we’re surrounded by creativity, talent and general wonderfulness every day. And the folks on the staff are exactly the type of people you want to work with: Dedicated, enthusiastic, generous and fun. Plus, I get to do what I love doing: Write. My prime responsibility is writing press releases and public service announcements and getting the word out about our exhibits, theatrical productions, concerts, workshops, tours, openings, etc. I’ve been building a media-contact list, talking to artists and newspaper and magazine folks and generally learning my way around the art world — which, by the way, is a fascinating place. Fascinating. One thing I’ve been thrilled to discover is that my work clothes from two years ago when I “retired” from fulltime newspaper-newsroom room still fit — but only because all those low-waisted skirts I borrowed from my daughters now sort of hang out around my waist since there seems to be some sort of impediment in my middle zone. But it’s OK, since I now have some spare cash I can put toward a new wardrobe the electric bill. (Oh, hi, Dear Husband! I didn’t see you reading here.) Read more about tackling a new job in my latest newspaper column.  And Younger Daughter sent me off to my new job in style the other morning with broiled fresh peaches served with a dollop of creamy Greek yogurt. Oh, yum.

5 thoughts on “Press Releases and Peaches

  1. Now that is the kind of job I would love. My major in college was Art History – don’t laugh. Everyone does.
    Congatulations on your new job, and have fun buying some new clothes!

  2. I will indeed testify that you seem much happier now that you have an office again.

  3. How wonderful! Amazing, isn’t it that we return to our old worries we thought we had outgrown so long ago. Good luck. I’m sure you will enjoy working with these folks. I’d get a job if someone would make a breakfast like that for me!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, y’all! Much appreciated. I really think this is how all jobs should be: Come in whenever you want and love what you do!

  5. I’m so happy for you! My dream is to continue to make money doing what I love. When the checks come in and although they are not large, I go to bed knowing that I’ve stuck it out and my dreams are finally panning out. Mazel tov!

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