Baby Showers

When our friend couldn’t wait to tell us that she was going to be a grandma for the first time, the three of us couldn’t wait to start planning a surprise shower for her. We sneakily scheduled the party for our regular book-club night and pulled off the surprise with style — she truly never saw it coming. Other than her face when she realized what was happening — priceless! — the best thing about our shower was the decor. My friend who volunteered her home for the book-club meeting/surprise baby shower created a baby-boy-blue wonderland that we all oohed and ahhed over and didn’t want to leave. (And now I really should drop the pretense that we talked about the book that night, although we did spend a couple of minutes on it, I think.) She’s a master at using things she already has — mixing vintage with contemporary — to set the mood and then adding her own special touches. Her blue-frosted cupcakes were don’t-let-a-single-crumb-go-to-waste good. And when she kicked off the evening with a pitcher full of yummy icy-blue goodness to sip before we sat down to a cool and refreshing chicken-salad supper, we knew we were in good hands as we welcomed our friend into the Sisterhood of Really Cool Grandmas. And you can join, too, as long as you have Really Cute Grandchildren. And don’t we all? Plus, we’ll even waive the iniation rite of having to sing all verses of the “Thomas the Tank Engine” song.

6 thoughts on “Baby Showers

  1. I do so want to join the Sisterhood of Really Cool Grandmas, but my kids just won’t cooperate. Their lives are just “too busy.” I love the idea of Grandma showers and it looks like you guys did a great job.

  2. I am impressed all over again with how beautiful everything looked, and with what good (and sneaky) friends I have. I am so happy to be joining such a hip group of Grandmothers!

  3. Aw, thanks, y’all. And, Sarah, you caught me! I was trying to write around the fact that I couldn’t remember exactly what the drink was and I was too embarrassed to ask Susan after the fact. Blue martinis maybe? Or maybe Susan will read this and forgive my faulty memory and let us know. Or I guess I could just ask her. That really would be the simplest solution, wouldn’t it???

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