Too Many Rooms at the Inn

When it comes to travel, my husband and I are pretty laidback people. It takes a lot to rattle us. And by “us” I actually mean “my husband,” who traveled all over the world in his former job as a sportswriter and handles just about any glitch with style and grace. And even though to me “roughing it” means having to make do with generic brewed coffee at the breakfast buffet and “adventure vacation” means choosing between the pool and the beach (as in “sitting and reading at”), I’m not that demanding. Really, I’m not, despite the evidence of us going through three rooms in one night during a recent trip. But none of them were my fault. The first one had plumbing problems, so before we could even unpack I stayed in the room while he went to the front desk to get another one. It took him several minutes, though — because the second room we were given unaccountably had people already in it. So back he went to the front desk for the third time and we finally got a room with working plumbing and nobody else in it. Except the spider my husband found in the bed while I was brushing my teeth — and didn’t tell me about until the next day when we were back on the road. “It was a little one, though,” he said, “and if I’d found another one we would have gotten another room. I just really hated to go back to the desk a fourth time.” I secretly think even a second spider wouldn’t have done it — a third one, maybe.

6 thoughts on “Too Many Rooms at the Inn

  1. Hope it wasn’t a brown recluse. A friend of mine was bitten by one in their hotel room at a fancy hotel in Tuscaloosa a couple of years ago and she still hasn’t gotten over it.

  2. One spider would have done it for me! Maybe that’s why he didn’t tell you? lol I am terrified of spiders, and I always check my bed before getting in! I imagine you won’t be checking in to that hotel again, no?

  3. No, it was one of those little translucent critters. No worries.

  4. Mary — We are always brown-recluse alert, but thanks for the reminder.

    Margaret — No worries! I think we’re crossing that particular motel in that particular town off our list.

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