Fellow fans have begged me to not say this, but as a journalist I’ve sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so I have to be honest and tell you all that you’ve got to to go to Apalachicola and St. George Island, Florida, for your next vacation. Here are the things these towns are not: Big. Crowded. Noisy. Full of high-rise condos. Here are the things these towns are: Small. Quiet. Peaceful. I have to admit that there can be a crowd at the Seafood Grill in downtown Apalach if you time it wrong, but you can sit outside and watch the world go by while you wait for your table, so no worries. And with only one tiny grocery store and a handful of eateries, St. George Island is even smaller than its across-two-bridges sister town. Slow-paced and easy-going, SGI offers casual beach houses with no roof-line higher than three or four stories. If you want total relaxation with the only stressful decision having to decide between shrimp and oysters for supper, then this is your place. Visit and to learn more. We were there just a couple of weeks ago, and I’m ready to go back.

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  1. Sounds perfect…especially since you’ve sworn to tell the truth.

  2. This is such a unique part of Florida. Unique because it is unlike the rest of Florida. The beaches are lined with long leaf pines instead of palms. There is much more of a country feel to it as well. Cape San Blas is my favorite part on the panhandle.

  3. Edisto state park above Charleston was like that a few years ago on the east coast. I’d get up and walk the beach and watch the sun come up. It may be developed by now. I hope not.

  4. Barbara — And nothing but!!!

    Suwannee Refugee — Thanks for the info. I had not noticed the tree difference but you are so right. And I’ve heard other folks rave about Cape San Blas so we’re going to have to check it out.

  5. Thank you, Cathy for sharing this info and for staying with us at Resort Vacation Properties. I know folks get worried about over development, but don’t worry, only 13% of our County can be developed because 87% is State & Federally protected lands. Further, our building restrictions are way, way too aggressive. (Nothing above 3 stories, for example.) Our area is pristine and natural and will stay that way forever because our citizens and leaders are PASSIONATE about our Bay/Estuary. The Apalachicola Basin is the 2nd largest estuary in the U.S. and we are one of 6 biological “hotspots.” For better or worse, the closest golf courses are about 45 minutes away in either direction to protect the Bay from pesticides, etc. Our economy is completely reliant on seafood harvesting and tourism so we invite all of you down to enjoy the uncrowded and pet-friendly beaches of St. George Island. (Full disclosure and probably pretty obvious: I work at RVP.) 😉

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