Two words: Grilled watermelon. I am not kidding you. Go here and be amazed at how wonderfully delicious this is. Every week during the summer, I cover the food demonstration by local cooks and chefs at the Spring Park Farmers’ Market in Tuscumbia, Alabama. This past week, a local grill master dazzled the crowd with this sweet and smoky taste. You have got to try it.

6 thoughts on “Food

  1. It’s incredibly surprisingly wonderful! Sort of warm and sweet and caramelized all at the same time, with light grill marks. A great summer treat and, you are so right, Mary, much better than fried Oreos!

  2. There just have to be some standards somewhere and I would definitely draw the line at corrupting one of nature’s most perfect summer foods by grilling it. Watermelon should be exempt from grills and deep fat frying! I will stand firm and refuse to try it. Can you guess how much I love my summer watermelon? That said, we do grill peaches all summer, especially when we have pork. Yum.

  3. Connie — I hear you! I know that grilled watermelon goes against the cold and juicy summertime treat we always think about, but I promise you that if you grill peaches, you are going to love grilled watermelon!

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