6 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Michele — You are so right! I really felt guilty, but then we really needed deodorant and toothpaste, so what are ya gonna do???

  2. We get the same, only more so. The folks who previously had our phone number have a CVS card. So I am forever getting their “bonus bucks.” Haven’t tried to use any of them since you have to show your CVS card and, of course I don’t have one.

  3. Please tell people that I do not use “Fresh” scent Speed Stick. You took that stinky thing back and got the “Regular” scent for me instead.

  4. Connie, that sounds frustrating. At some CVS stores, the employees go ahead and scan a card to give you the discount. I think it’s interesting that when the clerks ask you if you have a card and you say “no,” the clerks never follow up and ask if you’d like one. It’s like there’s a secret CVS-card society! What’s up with that????

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