Corinth, Mississippi

Corinth, Mississippi, has a lot to celebrate. This historic town in the northeast corner of the state is full of good eats and good shopping as well as old Southern houses and a fun downtown. And on Friday, Corinth’s Belk department store will reopen after it was flooded in early May from the same weather system that devastated Nashville that same weekend.  The store reportedly had more than two feet of water and mud. Store employees and other work crews have been cleaning and repairing; it won’t be completely back to normal for the reopening, store managers said — but close enough. A Southern town without its Belk store is a sad, sad place. It’s where you go for everything you need: Clothes, shoes, jewelry, linens, place settings, handbags, makeup — and the latest news. You see friends and neighbors there and catch up on what’s been going on. If you don’t have a Belk in your town, then go to Corinth this weekend and borrow theirs. They’d love to have you! Learn more about Belk at And while you’re in Corinth, you’ve got to go downtown for a fig pizza at Pizza Grocery. Dear Husband and I were there, preparing to get our usual two-slices-and-a-salad lunch special when “Fig Pizza” caught my eye as part of the seasonal spring menu. Yes, please. DH sort of shrugged and I knew I was on my own. But after my third or fourth “This is sooooo good,” he had to try some, too — and all I can say is that we had to split the leftovers. With gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese and a balsamic reduction, this is a fantastic combination of sweet and savory all wrapped up with a big mouthful of yummy. Go try some, right now.

8 thoughts on “Corinth, Mississippi

  1. Pizza looks yummy! I’m happy the store is finally opening how devastating to be closed due to mother natures wrath.

  2. I feared that the fig pizza would be cloyingly sweet; I was thinking Fig Newtons, I admit. But it was extremely savory, with just a little fig “note” above the gorgonzola flavor.

  3. After reading your blog my wife and I made an outing to Corinth this past Saturday to checkout the Pizza Grocery. We tried the fig pizza and it was delicious. Definitely worth the drive. A big surprise was that it is located next to our favorite shopping spot in Corinth. Thanks.

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