Of Closets and Purses

Yup, this is a car full of clothes. And while it’s my car, they are not my clothes. A couple of us helped a friend moved this past weekend. “All I’ll have to do is some cleaning and move some things out of the closets,” she said. And we said, “Sure, we can handle that. No problem.” I volunteered for the closet transport, but that was before I remembered that my friend LOVES clothes and LOVES shopping and has the wardrobe to prove it. Yikes! Younger Daughter was around to help with the first closet of winter clothes in my friend’s spare bedroom, which only filled my back seat. This is the contents of my friend’s double closet that held her spring and summer things, which you know here in the South accounts for 75 percent of what we wear. “You’re not going to put this on your blog, are you?” my friend asked, nervously. “And when you do, just don’t say my name.” But, honestly, I was impressed with how organized and efficient her closet system was. I tried to duplicate that as I filled up the closets in her new house, but I’m afraid she’s going to have to redo.

And if she had known how big a slob I actually am, she may not have entrusted her closets to me.  I’ve learned how to disguise my tendency toward total chaos and yuckiness, but my husband could certainly tell her.  As a journalist, however, I’ve pledged to tell only the truth. So I revealed all my disgusting habits — well, some, anyway — in my weekly newspaper column at http://www.timesdaily.com/article/20100528/NEWS/100529900. Read it at your own peril.

5 thoughts on “Of Closets and Purses

  1. Oh, no! I completely forgot about the move! Dear friend, who shall remain nameless, I’m so sorry! Here’s hoping the new home has many, many closets!

  2. Kathy – LOL!

    Evelyn — You will understand when I tell you that the new house has six closets. And that is not enough. But, in fairness, the closets are teeny teeny tiny. I don’t think they’d be enough for anybody!

  3. A so called very good friend helped me pack up things when I sold my house in MSC. Then she goes to work and tells everyone she spent two hours just packing coffee mugs.

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