Okay, everybody out there who sleeps with a snorer, raise your hands. Just as I thought: A lot of you all know what I’m talking about here. Oh, I love my husband deeply and he’s a great guy and where would I be without him? But he snores. And here’s the thing: He sort of knows he snores. He’ll snore and I’ll wake up and then he’ll wake up and ask me if he was snoring and I’ll say “yes” and he’ll say “sorry” and then he’ll immediately go back to sleep and … start snoring again. At home this is not a problem since there are other sleeping spots to choose from. And when we’re on the road we usually try to get those two-room suites with a couch. But sometimes in some situations there’s nowhere to go. A couple of weeks ago that’s exactly what had happened: It was 2 a.m. and we had a long and tiring day ahead of us (my husband actually had two long and tiring days ahead of him) and we had one bed in one room. Luckily, I came up with a creative solution. Sort of, at least. Read my weekly newspaper column at to find out what it was and tell me what you think.

5 thoughts on “Snoring

  1. Ear plugs…works every time or the pillow over their face worst case solution! For 22years I have slept with a snorer has of lately due to allergies I have been snoring ….haven’t heard the end of it!

  2. My hubby snores sometimes. When he’s at his optimal weight he doesn’t snore, much. But, if he gains any weight he starts in. Since, he’s the one that snores he’s the one to leave the bed. That’s the deal.

  3. Ears plugs or wear you MP3 player to bed..mine is worth about three hours of music to my ears..much better than the sounds of snoring. Sometimes he snores and snorts and wakes himself up..too funny:)

  4. My husband has allergies and the snoring is bad…. But, the nose strips work—most of the time! Has he tried them?

  5. Cathy — No, but that is an excellent idea. He’s had the sleep-study thing done and no apnea was found, although he was recommended for the sleep mask. He didn’t want to to do that, though, and I can’t blame him!

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