It’s the little things that make a morning worth getting up for, such as perfect cups of espresso topped with light and yummy foam and freshly ground cinnamon. Since I officially have had to cut back on my coffee consumption (I mean, what does a gastroenterologist know, anyway???), those first few sips of the day are priceless. I love everything about the morning coffee-making process: Figuring out which coffee maker to use (French press, espresso machine, stovetop Muka?), deciding on the beans and the grind, choosing the appropriate cup and finally picking a foam method. I know it might sound complicated — I used to do Sudoku every morning but my morning coffee ritual pretty much gets my sluggish brain fired up all by itself. My current coffee-maker-of-choice is the Italian stovetop Muka, which makes a smooth and rich espresso and — supposedly, at least — foam. But it’s an iffy proposition at best and lately my foam just goes to latte. Sigh. When that happens, I supplement with a battery-powered frother that produces a thick and airy pillow of milky goodness. Salute! (Don’t be impressed — I had to look up how to say “cheers” in Italian.)

6 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. I just don’t understand how you can start your day without a PopTart.

  2. Note to readers: The “Pop Tart” in my husband’s comment above is not code for anything except “junk-food pastry that tastes only marginally better than the box it comes in.” Although, now that I think about it, a warm Brown-Sugar Cinnamon straight out of the toaster with melty butter soaked in would go great with espresso. Hmm …

  3. I sure wish you’d fix me a morning cup of coffee. This looks devine. Oh, BTW, there is nothing like a strawberry Pop Tart w/ that buttery topping. I don’t even buy them ’cause I can’t eat just one.

  4. I could not do without my morning coffee. Much as I love coffee, I haven’t learned to appreciate the special blends and especially not the flavored ones. Just give me my plain old Breakfast Blend. I totally agree with your husband about Pop Tarts.

  5. You know, I actually did eat the box once and didn’t notice. Hmmmm.

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