You know I’m easily impressed, but I’m not the only one who’s a fan of Ichiban, an Asian restaurant that’s recently opened in Sheffield, Alabama. Now most of y’all probably have an Ichiban in your town. “Ichiban” is a Japanese word that means “the best” and many Asian restaurants use that as a name. Or that’s what I’ve read, anyway. Our Ichiban is becoming a popular spot for locals looking for something new. I love getting my food in these red lacquered bento boxes — sort of exotic, especially for someone like me who mainly eats out of Cheetos bags. Everything tastes fresh, the sushi bar is excellent and the service is friendly. And of course there’s green-tea ice cream in fried wonton shells. Better than Cheetos any day. Ichiban in Sheffield is open at 11 a.m. every day except Saturday, when it opens at noon. It’s at 1207 S. Jackson Hwy., phone number 25.389.9888.

3 thoughts on “Restaurants

  1. Wow! Love the Bento-style plate! Your restaurant reviews are such fun. I’m going to be in the Shoals next week. If I were to eat only one meal at a restaurant, which restaurant would you recommend?

  2. Amanda — Thank you so much for the kind words. Much appreciated! Hope you have a great visit to the Shoals! But your question is tough. If you want a true Southern-Shoals experience, I’d say go to Southland in Sheffield. It’s the classic hometown-Southern-meat-and-three that has fed generations. If you’re there for dinner, try Dale’s in Florence — an old-school steakhouse of the kind you rarely see anymore. Also in Florence is Trowbridge’s on Court Street, which is the Main Street of downtown Florence. Trowbridge’s serves your authentic old-fashioned drugstore-counter food and is a Shoals tradition. Ricatoni’s, also on Court Street, has a reputation for being the go-to Florence eatery and especially is known for its free and endless bread, herbs and oil you munch on before your food arrives. And for a stunning view if you’re here for dinner, go to the 360 Grille atop the Renaissance Tower at the Marriott Shoals Hotel and Spa for a revolving look at the Tennessee River. Hope this helps. Have a great trip and let me know how it goes!

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