Spring Decor

Spring is peeking out here in Alabama — especially at my friend Cheryl’s apartment. She  hosted our four-woman book club and, as always anytime we’re at her place, it’s a treat. We the other three book-club members cheerfully agree that Cheryl is the best hostess among us. No contest. She’s so creative and gracious and makes us feel special without that uncomfortable I-spent-three-days-getting-ready-for-y’all-so-you’d-better-appreciate-it sort of attitude. She makes it seem so easy! And joyful, like she’s so happy we came over. Her spring decor started at the front door, with planters of cheerful flowers and a welcoming doormat that set her springtime theme of birds’ nests with soft and pretty blue eggs. She continued her theme with her place settings, which I loved. The earth-toned dishes and linens featured birds’-nest details and the centerpiece was a pedestal of delicately colored eggs. Such a serene and grownup change from the usual pink and green Easter pastels that always are around this time of year. Cheryl bought most of her pieces at Pottery Barn — she knows that store like I know a Starbucks and keeps up with what’s new and cool. The birds’-nest napkins are sold out at http://www.potterybarn.com but some individual stores might still have them. And isn’t the hunt part of the fun?

5 thoughts on “Spring Decor

  1. By now most of my friends know I’ll whip out my camera and take photos at any time and any place. They’re used to me saying, “Wait, we can’t eat until I shoot the table settings!” or “May I move these flowers over about an inch for a better shot?” Luckily, they’re willing to put up with having a blogger for a friend. And when I’m at a party with people I don’t know so well and I feel as if I should be more subtle, then people ask me, “Why didn’t you take a photo of that dish before everybody ate it up?”!!!

  2. Thank you for the sweet words Cathy. Really your photography skills are what makes it look like I know what I’m doing!! And I found out this weekend that those flowers are Primroses. So now we know.

  3. Loved the spring pictures-everything looked great! Wish I was in the Book Club!!

  4. Cathy Layne — Come on down! Ooops — that should be “come on up,” instead, right? You know we have intellligent, educated and academic discussions about every single book … well, we have tons of fun, anyway. And, really, I do learn so much from the other three. It’s so good to hear different perspectives — somebody always points out something I missed. And the wine always flows!

  5. Cheryl — I can only shoot what’s there in the first place. I’ve told you that you should teach Pottery Barn’s classes instead of take them. It’s true!!!

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