Seems as if spring brings out new products and new versions of old favorites — and of course anything that screams “junk food made into something totally healthy and environmentally conscious” gets my attention. Such as the new Chocolate Cheerios. Did you get a sample this past weekend with your Sunday newspaper? We did, and along with most of America as soon as I started munching on my handful of chocolately goodness, I was hooked. What’s not to like? You can feel good about your Cheerios warm-and-fuzzy nutrition plus you get the thrill of feeling as if you’re sneaking in more than your alloted one small square of chocolate a day. I love cereal that doubles as a snack — maybe I love it too much. (Reese’s Puffs, I’m talking to you). And if you add milk to your morning bowl, you get the added bonus of chocolate milk. Score! Chocolate Cheerios for the win. I wasn’t as impressed with Multi-Grain Pringles, but maybe that’s because I’m not a fan of Pringles in general. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for fake and processed anything as long as it tastes good — I’m willing to down a few empty calories in return for satisfying deliciousness — but Pringles doesn’t deliver in the yum category enough to offset the fat and zero nutritionals. I thought the new Multi-Grain version might improve my opinion, but, no. The nutrition stats aren’t any better and the taste is cross somewhere between rice crackers and Wheat Thins — and not in a good way — with that heavy greasy Pringles after-flavor thrown in. I’ll pass, thank you very much. And speaking of good-for-you-and-the-earth junk food, we also gave Sun Chips’ new compostable bag a try. The verdict? Well, I can only take FritoLay’s word for the breaks-down-in-14-weeks claim, but if it’s true, that’s a good thing and I say we need more of that, please. I’m always sort of skeptical about Sun Chips since the nutritional stats aren’t any better — and in some cases, worse — than regular potato chips but the ads sort of make them appear all healthy and natural. And I’m glad that one plant in which Sun Chips are made is solar-powered but there’s still all the energy used in distribution and transportation so what about all that, huh, FritoLay??? On the other hand, the new bag does make a fun crinkly sound and as long as Steps Are Being Made in the Right Direction, who am I to argue?

Speaking about new stuff, I had to get a new cell phone recently. And if your cell phone is an extension of your personality and a reflection of who you are, then I am in deep trouble. Read more about it in my weekly newspaper column,

7 thoughts on “Food

  1. In the vein of the SunChips bag, I hear that Obama-owned Gummint Motors is going to start selling a compostable Chevrolet. … And thank you, dear wife, for buying me a box of Chocolate Cheerios. Most excellent.

  2. Hummm, did somebody say chocolate over here? I can smell chocolate 20 blogs away! I’ll try anything once if it involves chocolate!

    God bless and have a marvelous weekend!!!

  3. I just got a coupon for the Cherrios – now I will get them – thanks for the thumbs up!

    I am looking for a new phone – ATT – maybe the new Motorola Backflip – we’ll see.

  4. Ina — Glad to know you’re a fellow Chocolate Cheerios fan.

    JP — You give me Girl Scout cookies and I give you Chocolate Cheerios. We’re a great team!

    Nezzy and Debie — Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated.

  5. Cathy, thanks for your support for the new compostable bag. We understand your concerns about environmental impacts. However, even if consumers don’t compost the new SunChips packaging, we’re still using renewable, plant based materials instead of petroleum-based materials that we anticipate will help reduce greenhouse gases that result from using a petroleum based package. If you’d like to learn more about the bag and our nutrition facts, please visit – SunChips are packed with 18 grams of whole grains per one ounce serving and include two grams of wholesome fiber as well!

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