Next time you’re in downtown Tupelo, Mississippi, and you need a sandwich or coffee or just some friendly conversation, head into Cafe 212 on West Main Street. These photos show the coffee-shop part — you know it’s the most important to me! The lunch area is through the door and toward the front — it’s really the first thing you step into from the street —  and it also sports a fun and quirky vibe, with delicious fresh salads and sandwiches as well. If you don’t want to sit at one of the vintage recycled tables, you can hang out on some comfy retro couches or enjoy the best sidewalk dining in Tupelo. And don’t forget to admire the works by talented local artists. Finally, you know that bathroom style always is one of my top criteria for judging a restaurant — and Cafe 212 has a great one. The women’s room carries out the eclectic theme with an exuberantly painted mirror and an old curio cabinet/desk doubling as storage. Visit to learn more about this Tupelo treasure.

2 thoughts on “Restaurants

  1. I love little places like this. My favorite is in a nearby county. They use brown paper for the tablecloths and each one is stocked with pencils and crayons. Everyone draws pictures and many of them are posted on the walls. What a treat to see some really good art. Unfortunately, my stick people didn’t quite make it.

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