Oh my goodness. Or, as my 23-month-old grandson Capt. Adorable says with a huge grin, “Oh my cookies!” When I was wandering through our local mall and spied this window display of new spring things, I had two thoughts: 1) Those are so cute! 2) Too bad I’m about 30 years too old to wear them. and 3) These are psychedelic T-shirts? Kids today don’t know the meaning of the words! And, okay, I know that’s three thoughts. That’s how disturbed I was at seeing these versions of what I spent my teen-age years in. I means, we were the ones who pioneered the statement T-shirt! We were the ones who liberated the humble T and turned it into cool! We were the ones who unleashed the power of Peter Max on the fashion industry! Well, you’re right, it was really our older brothers and sisters — I always say that I would have made a great hippie in the 60s but my parents made me go to bed at 8. By the time I hit my teens in the early 1970s, the hard work had been done and jeans and Ts were the uniform of the young and all I had to do was reap the benefits. Before the flower-power fashion revolution, “new clothes for spring” meant white gloves and pillbox hats. Today, thanks to the Love Generation, it means light-weight groovy T-shirts. Young people today have no idea. Oh my cookies!

4 thoughts on “Style

  1. You are not too old for thoses Cathy! I think they fit perfectly with your Bohemian style! I love the bags!

  2. I zero right in on all thing tie-dyed and psychedelic. If you are too old then so am I. This is not a good thing for my wardrobe.

  3. Aw, Cheryl, you are too sweet. Do I really hae a bohemian style??? I feel like it inside, but sometimes on the outside I feel more like Old Lady Frump, which definitely is not a good look!

  4. Gym wear, babe! I am having an alarming regression to 60s prints, which, sadly, I am old enough to remember wearing. As long as we don’t wear mini-skirts, we are safe. And as long as my daughter can’t see me.

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