Fitness and Fashion

Yup, that’s me. And Younger Daughter. This is the photo that goes along with my most recent Fashionably Speaking column in the quarterly magazine Shoals Woman. I wrote about workout wear — how women of my generation have bad memories of having to wear ugly and baggy clothes for those required PE classes in school and how those memories keep us in ugly and baggy clothes when we work out today. Women of Younger Daughter’s generation, however, don’t have that baggage. They know that sleek and fitted is the way to go — and when you look good and feel good about the way you look, then you’ll feel good about yourself. Or something like that. Anyway, we had a great time at our local YMCA taking these photos. Younger Daughter is a good sport to play along — but I can still outwalk her, no matter what I’m wearing. Although, it’s true, she can outrun me even if she were wearing heels and hose. Oh, well — we each have our talents! Read to find more tips for incorporating fitness with fashion. For example, you can certainly consider your mad dash around the store to spend your 30-percent-0ff coupon when it’s five minutes before closing time as aerobic exercise. Works for me!

2 thoughts on “Fitness and Fashion

  1. Hi Cathy! You have brought up and old and unpleasant memory from school days! The ugly and required gym uniform. Ours could not have been uglier. Brown, belted shorts and an ugly short sleeve brown shirt. I hated PE, except when we had co-ed gym with the boys and they taught square dancing. That was different and fun too. I agree, I wear a baggy tee shirt, most often one of my husband’s leggings, but for tennis I do have cute outfits. Can’t be a fashion flop when playing tennis. I do wear big earrings too, ala Serena Williams. Now if I could only update my pj collection…..

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