Okay, here’s a puzzle to get your brain going this rainy Monday morning. A friend of mine and her husband recently went to a paint-it-yourself studio and had a wonderful time. My friend claims that neither she nor her husband are artistic but they had so much fun learning how to create these paintings. Here’s the puzzle: Can you guess which one my friend did and which one her husband did? She says that everybody who knows them can instantly identify the correct paintings, but I’m not so sure it’s immediately apparent who did which. Here are some clues: My friend is a pharmacist and businesswoman whose style can best be described as casual and relaxed. Does that help? Also, one of these paintings is titled “Plain Simple” and the other “Extreme Normal.” No prizes — just the satisfaction of knowing you’re intuitive and smart. Good job!

7 thoughts on “Art

  1. Absent a clue, I would have guessed that the one on the left was done by your friend. The butterfly and swirls all speak female and homemaker to me. However, given that she is a pharmacist and businesswoman, I would opt for the painting on the right to be hers. You say she is “casual and relaxed” and you failed to give us her husband’s occupation. I’m still going with “Plain Simple” which I believe is the painting on the right. The clean crisp lines seem to fit the profile of a pharmacist.

  2. I did forget to include my friend’s husband’s occupation: He’s a banker. And y’all had some good guesses, but my friend’s painting is on the left – the one with the dragonfly. She was very proud of being “Extreme Normal,” too! I think if you met her and her husband and knew them, there would be no doubt at all. I’m just impressed that they went to the studio and came out with such wonderful artwork!

  3. J.V. and I had it right. Do we get a prize? Do we get a second prize because we know the artist?

  4. Those who know and love her-wouldn’t never say she’s plain and simple. She doesn’t fit the mold.

  5. Erin — You had an unfair advantage there! But I should have known that you’d guess right. And, Cathy Layne, you are absolutely right about that!!!

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