Of Mice and Brothers

My youngest brother, who lives in Portland, Maine, and is a physician’s assistant,  is one of those people who always says, “Sure, why not?” Why not climb up a mountain? Why not snowshoe through waist-high snowy woods? Why not barrel down a wooden chute on your back onto a frozen pond in the U.S. National Toboggan Championships? That’s what he’s doing this weekend, anyway, at the Camden Snow Bowl. He said a friend asked him to be his toboggan buddy for the competition and I was truly impressed — I practiced saying, “You know my little brother. He’s the one who just competed in the national toboggan championships.” — until I went to the Web site, http://www.camdensnowbowl.com/20th-annual-toboggan-championships, and found out that beer and costumes are almost as important in this contest as who actually goes the fastest. But, still I’m impressed. It requires a certain amount of … well, something …  to lay down on your back on this thin piece of wood and shoosh really fast without seeing where you’re going until you scoot out onto a frozen pond. He’s on the BaHaLowriders team. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, if the thought of a furry little rodent poking his head up out of the cat food you’ve just poured into a storage container makes you go all icky, then you may want to pass on my weekly newspaper column, http://www.timesdaily.com/article/20100205/ARTICLES/2055002. Or, you may want to read it to find out how I reacted. Hint: Much screaming was involved. You have been warned.

8 thoughts on “Of Mice and Brothers

  1. Much screaming would be involved for me too.

    At Mt Baker in Washington State we used to do the slush bowl. We’d ski down the hill into a big hole filled with watery slush. Too much fun. When I was a teenager. You wouldn’t catch me doing it now. That’s for sure.

  2. Michele — I think you should try it again for old times’ sake! C’mon!!!

    Kathy — My brother would love to be described as “fun and dangerous!” Thank you!!!

  3. Toboggan update: Michael’s team didn’t place for the finals on Sunday — missed the top 30 by less than .2 of a second. Better luck next year!

  4. Cathy,
    Loved the article. I found a dead mouse in a big bag of cat food at my mom and dad’s house. He must have eaten himself to death! That scared me enough-not sure, I could have taken a live one!

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