It’s almost like the whole state of Alabama has shut down today, due to 1) snow and 2) the University of Alabama playing for the national college-football championship tonight. So far, at least in my northwest corner of the state, the snow is not impressing and doesn’t seem to warrant all the school-closings and grocery-store frenzies that went on yesterday. Here’s hoping that Alabama’s football showing tonight is better. Now, normally I am not an Alabama fan — you know it’s a rule here that you have to choose between Alabama and Auburn and I’ve just sort of gravitated toward Auburn as the usual underdog (plus I like the campus better because it’s prettier and smaller) — but tonight I feel as if the honor of SEC football is at stake in front of the whole country and Alabama Must Win. Younger Daughter, on the other hand, is bitterly anti-Alabama and already has declared that we’re a house divided tonight if I’m going to jump ship like this. And it does pain me, it really does — but it’s vital we in the SEC show everyone that we deserve to be represented in the national championship, at least by one team if we can’t have both. So — and you won’t often hear me say this — “Roll, Tide!” Tonight we’ll all be like 21-month-old grandson Capt. Adorable — lounging in our easy chairs with eyes glued to the screens and snacks nearby.

9 thoughts on “Alabama

  1. ROLL TIDE!! Whether it be Auburn or Alabama Nolan already has the look of a he-man football fan!!!!

  2. I echo your sentiments exactly. What the heck is wrong with younger daughter? Did she just not graduate from the UNIVERSITY of ALABAMA at Birmingham?

  3. Captain Adorable is already a typical man. In a recliner, with a plate of food, watching TV.

  4. Y’all crack me up! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. What would I do without yoou all?

    And, yes, Sarah, Younger Daughter did recently graduate from a University of Alabama institution — but you know that UAB folks are not necessarily UA fans. Something about rooting for your own school and not the big one down the road.

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