This past week I found these two examples of recycling — a past-its-prime Wise Man from a plastic outdoor Nativity set someone brought to the recycling center and these intriguing ceiling lamps that are part of the fun and funky decor at Urban Standard, one of my favorite coffee shops in Birmingham, Alabama. I’m not sure what the lamps were originally — some sort of barrel or crate for some kind of food? — but I am sure that I’d take one home in a minute. But the real mystery, of course, is about the lone Wise Man: I mean, what happened to the other ones? Are there two Wise Men sitting in somebody’s yard somewhere, trying to do the job of three? And why was this one deemed ready for recycling? His beard was a little spotty, but that was all my husband and I could find that might be wrong with him. Inquiring minds … And, no, we didn’t bring him home. We’ve rescued abandoned kitties, dogs, chairs and filing cabinets, but I draw the line at Wise Men.

7 thoughts on “Recycling

  1. You have so much more will power than I have. I would have taken him home and made a patio lamp or a fountain out of it. Much to my husband’s consternation.

  2. One wise man in our house is enough, anyway. … Perhaps he was awaiting a wise woman, one who understands the value of recycling.

  3. You all crack me up! And thanks to everybody else who e-mailed and commented in person — I got lots of intriguing reactions to Wise Man Left At Recycling Center.

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