Steak dinnerTo wrap up a fun but busy fall weekend of football, work, friends, family and work — the work and football parts are all my husband, you know — we celebrated with a home-cooked home-grilled steak dinner. Which turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Actually, I just sliced the bread and tossed the salad and chopped the ends off the asparagus and Dear Husband did the rest. Yes, well, OK, I did whip up a batch of my famous oven fries and a pan of yummy sautéed mushrooms, but that’s not really cooking — it’s just fixin’, you know. We patted ourselves on the back — after wiping off our hands, of course — for frugally and deliciously and sustainably eating at home and had to wait about three hours to work up an appetite for dessert: Pumpkin pie from my mom, who cooks supper almost every night and would never think about bragging about it to the blogosphere. Unlike her shameless daughter.

9 thoughts on “Food

  1. We eat very little red meat, but every Saturday night we have NY Strip steak. I don’t fix your wonderful sides…just baked potatoes and salad. You should give us your recipe for oven fries. Looks yummy.

  2. Carolyn — My oven-fries recipe is: Turn oven on to 425. Or 450. Or maybe 435. Then sprinkle some olive oil on a baking sheet. Cut up a couple potatoes — sweet or white, doesn’t matter — and an onion or pepper if you’d like. Put on the baking sheet with a sprinkle of more oil and make sure oil gets over all the pieces. Roast for about 15 minutes or so. Pull pan out, stir the pieces and add grated parmesan cheese. And some dried herbs if you’d like. Roast for about 20 or so minutes, checking every so often to stir, adding oil, cheese and/or herbs if you’d like, until done to whatever level of doneness you like. Serve with sprinkle of sea salt.

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