Shopping and Style

Children's clothingOh my goodness. My husband always cautions me against turning into a Styleblubbering grandmother and overwhelming you all with photos and praise of grandson Capt. Adorable, but I just can’t help it. And you know I think all of y’all’s children and grandchildren are adorable, too. I really do.  I always want to hear more about their cuteness. And I’m not posting these pics because I think my grandson is the most adorable and cute of them all. Oh, no. You know that’s not the case here, I promise. I’m just posting these pics because … well … let’s see … uh … hmm … because I want to talk about children’s clothing. Yes, yes — that’s it. I want to have a completely objective discussion about little boys’ clothes and how they wear the exact same thing that big boys and men wear but somehow it just looks so especially adorable on their little 19-month-old selves. I mean, have black sneakers, dark cuffed jeans, a white untucked oxford shirt and a knitted sweater vest and matching scarf ever looked so cute? Somehow even though a grown man could wear the exact same thing, it just wouldn’t look the same, would it? Baby Gap and Old Navy excel at this look — translating grownup style to toddler chic at affordable new-parent prices. Until I had a grandson, I always thought that little girls’ clothes were far more fun than little boys’, but now I head straight for the T-shirts and cargo pants and don’t even notice the pink lace and ruffles across the aisle. See, now we’ve had our discussion about children’s fashion and I didn’t once mention our model, Capt. Adorable. It’s just a coincidence that he’s wearing the exact same thing I wanted to talk about, really it is.

6 thoughts on “Shopping and Style

  1. HE IS ADORABLE, AND I LOVE SEEING PHOTOS OF HIM! I really do! Also, I love his outfit, very little boy, and stylish. He’s grown up so much when you think about the older photos you use to post, as a baby. Now, he is a true to life toddler. I know you enjoy every bit of his cuteness!

  2. Oh sure! Taunt me with your adorable grandson and his fashion sense. Even showing these pics to the oldest boy and his wife wouldn’t get me the desired grandbaby. Sniffle.

    I will have to live vicariously through your pics so completely ignore your husband and keep them coming.

  3. I love seeing photographs of the Captain. I can’t seem to convince my kids how badly I need a grandchild but they are too busy to think about that. I appreciate your sharing yours.

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