Scruggs in Tupelo, MississippiAny store with a sign on its front door requesting customers to “check Saddlestheir firearms at the customer-service desk for safety purposes” goes straight to the top of my favorites list. This is Scruggs, in Tupelo, Mississippi — a sort of combined feed store, general store and John Deere dealership. Think Home Depot, farmer-style. My husband swears it’s the best place to buy mouse traps and other mysterious manly things he uses around Scruggs the house and I’m happy to let him be in charge of those chores. And even though we don’t have a horse or cows or cornfields, I still like to wander around Scruggs’ aisles and browse. I think I like this store because it reminds me of one of my all-time favorite retailers — Rural King. And my all-time favorite Rural King store is in my mother’s hometown of Effingham, Illinois. When we’d go visit my grandparents, we’d usually stop at the Rural King, which anchored the local mall. (Who needs a JC Penney’s or a Sears when you can buy everything from jeans to seed at the Rural King?) For the longest time, that Rural King was the only place my dad could find Carhartts, and I’d usually find a comfy and cozy sweater while my brothers would head for the toys and my mom to the flower-gardening aisle. Maybe I’m just a country girl at heart. Check out Scruggs at and Rural King at

6 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. We saw about this same type of sign in a little motel/bar/restaurant/convenience store in Saint Maries, Idaho. It said; “Hunters, leave your bear outside.”

  2. Yikes (re Michele’s comment)… we have a dwindling number of “mom & pop” type stores here. The big box chains are squeezing them out and that is sad.

  3. Ina — you are so right about the dwindling mom & pop stores. I absolutely agree with you. Scruggs is a local home-owned store — just a really really big one!

    Sarah — You know me too well!

  4. And what I like best about the sign is the last phrase: “for safety purposes.” It’s like they want to make sure you know they are not passing judgment on you for carrying your gun into the store — they just want everybody to be safe. Yes, please!

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