Sweet Magnolia Cafe Sweet Magnolia Cafe, a new restaurant in Seven Points in Florence, AlabamaFlorence, Alabama, has quickly become the place everybody’s going to. Owners Doug Johnson and Ken Shepski have created a stylish eatery that offers fresh and creative food (I could just dive into that salmon salad right now) combined with friendly and attentive service — always a winning approach no matter how scary the economic scene. The small inside space is somehow both cozy and chic Dessertsand nobody seems to mind the literal lack of elbow room — this is not the place to gossip unless you want all of Florence to hear about your cousin’s neighbor’s sister-in-law’s affair. You can also dine outside, on one of Seven BathroomsPoints’ actual seven points — one of the best sidewalk-cafe spots around, especially when you’re sipping an espresso and nibbling on Italian Creme Cake and thinking that next time you’re really going to have to try the Red Velvet Cake, too. And of course you know I can’t go into a restaurant without checking the bathroom — and Sweet Magnolia gets extra credit for extending its theme of efficient yet upscale design even into this all-important room. In fact, I would recreate the whole bathroom in our own house, although my husband, for some reason I still don’t understand, detests the sink-bowl trend and prefers the good ol’-fashioned white enamel sink with three-fixture chrome faucets. Oh, well. I think Sweet Magnolia’s stylish version might change even his mind. Seven Points in Florence  — a formerly bustling retail center with tons of history and ambiance — is one of those areas that people shake their heads about and say, “It’s such an interesting spot with so much potential. Somebody should go in and open up someplace really cool.” Well, now somebody has. Let’s hope for the best. Visit the Sweet Magnolia Cafe’s Web site at

7 thoughts on “Restaurants

  1. I wish I lived closer. That restaurant seems like the kind I would like. Places like that usually do well, because people return again and again. I hope it proves a success!

  2. Tell your husband John Pitts that I agree with him about sink bowls. Okay, I guess, for a guest bathroom, but when you try to wash your face in one, water splashes all over creation.

  3. That sink looks neat … but you are correct, I do not like the sink bowl. Looking forward to joining you there for dinner – soon!

  4. Update: We ate there Wednesday night and it was lovely. The food was fine, the serve attentive and the price quite reasonable. … I even liked that sink, sort of.

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