Good Manners

I admit that I consider myself a courteous and polite person. I mean, I know to send thank-you notes and I know to say “please” and “I’m so sorry to bother you, but …” and I know it’s the right thing to do to smile and be pleasant and use good manners so that we all get along, goshdarnit. So how did I come to commit a practically unforgivable social faux pas not once but twice on the very same day??? What were those acts of misbehavior and why will two women probably never speak to me again??? I’m too ashamed to even say it here, so you’ve got to read my weekly TimesDaily newspaper column at to find out — and please please please let me know I’m not the only one who’s disgraced herself this way. On the other hand, becoming a social pariah will sure free up lots of weekend time, so there you go: Silver lining!

8 thoughts on “Good Manners

  1. The beauty of living in Anchorage Alaska is that no one out of the state really expects we will come. But if the wedding is local I am pretty good about the RSVPs… I can’t remember forgetting to RSVP to a wedding. I have skipped some of the numerous bridal showers though!!!

  2. I think if you live long enough, you will eventually do something socially inept/embarassing.
    In situations where I’ve forgotten an invitation, I think it best to send a note, apologize profusely while trying to explain my lapse, send the kids a wedding gift (if they are still together by that time) and then get on with life. Either you’ll be forgiven or you won’t – but you will have done your best.

  3. I think an apology note would put you in good graces. Everyone makes a mistake now and then. It sounds as if you have beat yourself up enough. I would send a gift, and after the wedding, call your friends and move on from there.

  4. The new trend is for “green weddings” which eliminate the “hardcopy” invitation process (as well as many other environmentally wasteful wedding practices) and replace it with a reply by text, email or tweet. Unfortunately the rural South, as always, is slow to grasp new ideas.

  5. If they are REALLY your friends, they will laugh with you, graciously accept your apologies and understand. If not, then perhaps you won’t have to worry about baby showers and birth announcements from them in the future.

  6. Sometimes it’s really hard to RSVP when you have a really hectic schedule. I know when my children were small I would sit on the RSVP to the last possible minute because i wasn’t sure if I could find a sitter. Because as far as I am concerned the only thing worse than not RSVP’ing is to RSVP ‘yes’ and then not show up.

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