Corinth, Mississippi

Corinth, MississippiIf I wanted to live in Corinth, Mississippi — and the only Historic downtown Corinth, Mississippidrawback to that plan is there’s no Target or Publix there — I would grab one of these houses. My husband and I stumbled across them on a recent stroll around town and fell in love. There are three of these cottages in a row just a block from all the cool downtown shops and restaurants in Corinth. We couldn’t get in but we peered through the windows and liked what we saw: Compact and efficient spaces with a stylish flair. And so cute! Who could resist? And in a new-meets-old sort of juxtaposition, the cottages are right next door to this fascinating old brick apartment building that I just know is hiding all sorts of secrets and intriguing stories.

Christian Church in Corinth, MississippiBut that’s not the only old-and-new partnership going on Historic downtown Corinth, Mississippiin downtown Corinth. Take a look at the under-construction new Christian church, just a block and across the street away from its current building — a wonderful old pink-stucco Alhambra-looking place that seems very flapperish-Roaring Twenties to me. And just a few steps away from all of this architectural richness, you can buy a slugburger at an old-fashioned drugstore and a tamale at one of Corinth’s famous tamale stands, soak up some Civil War history and then browse through some of the most exquisite and fun antique/decorating shops in our little corner of the South. Now do you see why I love this town?

7 thoughts on “Corinth, Mississippi

  1. Cathy,
    You belong here. Target and Publix allows non-residents to shop in their stores until you identify the excellent local places to shop without the “big-box” aching feet at the end of the experience! I attend Waldron Street Church and am the Broker of Corinth Realty who also loves and has shown those cottages to potential buyers. Thanks for your positive remarks about our city. Come back to see us, until you see the light and order the change of address cards.
    Judy Glenn
    Corinth Realty

  2. These are houses my dad built on the lot where my Great-Grandmother’s house used to stand! I REALLY appreciate you getting the word out about these! They truly are stylish and cute and would make such a wonderful place to live! Especially since downtown Corinth has been revamped so beautifully! If anyone is interested in looking at the cottages, please

    CONTACT: MIKE “PUG” BYRNES @ 662-665-2319.

    Thank you SO much for posting this again! Anything we can do to get the word out about these wonderful houses is appreciated!

    -Mary Anne Byrnes

  3. Yes, I do see why you love that town. I like the fact that so many places are within walking distance: no dealing with parking the car etc. The cottages are very cute and cozy looking. I see why you see yourself and Hubby in one of them! 🙂

  4. Judy — Thank you so much for commenting here. I tell everybody that Corinth is a great town — I especially love all the shops downtown and that Mississippi friendliness you find on every corner. And the tamales!

  5. Mary Ann — I so appreciate you sharing the backstory on these houses. That’s great that they’re a family project. I fell in love with them — they are so perfect. Good luck!

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