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Childrens' roomsDid y’all have a great Labor Day weekend? Lots of cookouts and Home decorpicnics and getting together? Bet you didn’t have as much fun as I did — I spent the whole weekend (and I mean the whole weekend, from Thursday morning to Monday afternoon)babysitting my 17-month-old grandson, Capt. Adorable while my daughter and son-in-law went to DragonCon in Atlanta.  And besides all the incredibly good New housessnuggle time I got with the Captain — and the chance to watch endless episodes of Sid the Science Kid, my new favorite TV show — I fell in love all over again with my daughter and son-in-law’s house. When my son-in-law, a high-school art teacher, got tenure this past spring, they New housedecided it was time to move out of their apartment and into a real house. Frugal young family that they are, they had a budget and were determined not to budge from it. Their must-haves: A big fenced-in backyard for the Captain, three bedrooms, two baths and good storage space. It took awhile, but they found it — and under their budget. It was cute and in a good neighborhood and had a fantastic backyard. The bad news? Total square footage was less than their apartment. However, after living in it for a few days, I can attest that this house seems so much bigger than it actually is. The secret is a combination of design and decor. I love the archectural details that make this compact space live bigger: The soaring ceilings, the tiled entry way, closets tucked away in unexpected but efficient places, the big airy windows. It would have been so easy to have let this be a cheap and boring house, but no. And the kids have done everything they could to enhance the feeling of expansiveness — they added white beadboard to the eating area, knocked out some useless kitchen cabinets to create more open space and used paint to their advantage with the Captain’s bed- and bathrooms in bright oranges and yellows and the other rooms in soothing and calm neutrals. Adorable!

And a note to any other grandparents contemplating days of move-in babysitting: Line up visits from friends and family. I could not have made it without help from so many people who brought us food and new toys and drove over just to visit us. Thank you!!!

7 thoughts on “Interior Decor

  1. The house is very nice, and so are you to take your entire weekend to babysit Capt. Adorable. However, I could see how easy (and tiring?) that could be. Did you take any pictures?

  2. Hey, I was at DragonCon on Sunday! I just blogged about it!

    Did your daughter and sil wear costumes?

    And you are clearly a wonderful grandmother!

  3. Oh, thank, y’all!

    And yes, Becky, they were at DragonCon, hanging out with the Atlanta group WolfPack and the belly-dancing folks. I love that you went to DC — I go every once in awhile — it’s something you really have to work up to!

  4. Wow, nice cute house.

    I really like what you did with it, especially the fenced-in backyard for the Captain, three bedrooms, two baths and good storage space.

    Looking forward to more of your postings.

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