Photo by Daniel Giles of the Times DailyI am pretty much the messiest eater ever. I literally cannot get up from a table without a shower of crumbs, I carry stain removal products with me at all times and my husband begs me not to drink my favorite strawberry-flavored drink mix in the car because I leave splatters of red everywhere. This problem led me to create the Cathy Wood Method of Wardrobe Selection, or, How to Coordinate Your Clothing with Your Food So You Don’t Look Like the Slob You Truly Are and Your Family and Friends Will Eat with You Again. Intrigued? It really works! No more hastily pulling on a sweater to hide the coffee dribbles. No more holding your purse in front of you to distract from the gravy droplets. You will be free to eat and enjoy without fear! Read more at

And while you’re there, read other Shoals Woman articles, such as the story on Halloween food, with my friend Kara Sams, and  another story I wrote — a guide to retirement planning,

3 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. Guide to Retirement Planning needs expanding and discussion, IMHO. Planning should start decades before retirement. The idea of ‘risk’ when you are younger scares me; a friend had to delay her retirement by several years when the market had a downturn and her investments took a plunge.

    Retirement planning should include activity. All those folks who gaily say, “We’re going to travel,” need other plans as well. Ask the woman who had a heart attack after they sold their home and hit the road with a travel trailer.

    I’m thinking of going back to work parttime, not for the money, but for purpose in life.

    I’ll need to plan my work wardrobe carefully. Spots R Us.

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