You know it’s your birthday when those wonderful “presents” from Anthropologie sewing kityour “friends” at your favorite stores start rolling Anthropologiein. Usually it’s something along the lines of “You’re our special customer and we love you and to help celebrate your birthday, we’re offering you a chance to get 10 percent off your first $200 you spend with us that day.” Uh, thank you? With friends like that … But when Anthropologie sent me something, I perked up. Not that the monetary offer was anything extra enticing, but the packaging was classic Anthro at its best: An adorable handmade-looking cotton “sewing kit” with button and colorful thread and a cute little pouch for needles and what-not. Whoever does Anthropologie’s marketing and customer relations does it perfectly — everything always reflects and enhances the Anthropologie brand and makes me want to overcome my natural frugalness and go ahead and blow my birthday money on a simple $180 cotton sweater. Genius!

7 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. I support that 100%. They know how to brand themselves very well, without being annoying.
    See, we all know it’s your B-day week!

  2. I’m sorry I missed your birthday yesterday, it sounds like you had a wonderful day though, so I’m pretty sure you didn’t miss me!

    We don’t have Anthropologie here, which may be a good thing!

    Happy Birthday week, X

  3. We don’t have an Anthropologie either but whenever I travel if there is one, I always visit it. Love that store. Have been to the ones in Seattle, Salt Lake City and Vegas so far.

  4. Oh, thank you all for the birthday wishes — and glad to find more Anthropologie love out there. I never can resist at least stepping inside one — and that’s the way they want it, I think!

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