Pensacola Beach, FloridaThis is where I spent most of this past week — my dear Fresh seafoodhusband sprung for a quick beach trip before football season starts (you know here in Alabama, it officially begins with media days in mid-July). So we headed to our favorite Pensacola Beach spot on Santa Rosa Island and I dug in for as much sun and sand as I could get. Thank you, dear Native Cafe, Pensacola Beach, Floridahusband! Of course, the other part of vacation is food and Pensacola food ranks among the best for us. In fact, we sort of plan our days around which restaurant opens at which time and if we stop by to have a drink and appetizer at The Fish House can we still go to Jackson’s for dinner afterwards? Decisions, decisions! We especially enjoyed fish tacos and smoked-tuna salad at Native Cafe and grilled and fried grouper along with raw and broiled (with wonderful cheese, peppers and onions) oysters at Peg Leg Pete’s,, both in Pensacola Beach, and beer and fried mashed potatoes at Maguire’s Irish Pub, in Pensacola. And no visit is complete with dinner at the Global Grill,, a tapas bar in Pensacola where we could not say “no” to homemade potato chips with blue cheese, tuna sashimi, a deep-fried poblano pepper stuffed with cheese, seared amberjack and some lovely little beef things with Gouda and homemade Worcestershire sauce. Among other things. I’m ready to go back.

8 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Is the native cafe that little place across from where we stayed last time? If so, I’m glad it’s still open. Next time, take your daughters too! 😉

  2. Yes, Carolyn, that’s the place.

    It’s quickly become one of our must-stop spots.

    Next time … we’ll try, OK?

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