Baklava -- Greek cooking class

Some friends and I recently took a Greek cooking class. One group included my friend Sarah, a food-perfectionist and former caterer who used to work with the original Southern-food cook, Nathalie Dupree. I was in the other group. Can you guess which group produced which pan of baklava?

6 thoughts on “Food

  1. Just a quick guess but I’d say the one on the right is Sarah’s. Did I get that right? LOL! All of them look yummy.

  2. Too funny! When I was catering, my trays of hors d’ouevres to go in the freezer were a model of OCD at its finest. It makes them so much easier to count! My staff just gave up and did it my way.

    Sarah the perfectionist

  3. Of course I was in the non-Sarah group! But both groups had lots of fun and I think the baklava tasted the same — wonderfully delicious — no matter what it looked like. We had tons of fun.

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