Scarlett O'HaraWhat do Stevie Nicks, Scarlett O’Hara and Della Street have in Stevie Nickscommon? Besides being awesomely fabulous females, of course. Give up? They were my fashion icons when I was growing up — well, Scarlett’s Southern Victorian diva and Della’s sexy smart secretary were, and then Stevie’s flowy boho hippie came along when I was old enough to make my own style mistakes buy my own clothes. Today, I’d like to think I’m sort of a combination of all three, with some Michelle Obama thrown in. Farrah Fawcett hair(But maybe I’m flattering myself — that’s what I’d like to look like, at least!) I wrote more about how TV, movies and music influence what we wear in my quarterly fashion column for the TimesDaily’s Shoals Woman magazine, in Florence, Alabama, at On a day when two fashion inspirations have left us — Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson — I’m thinking about how much influence entertainers have over the way we want to see ourselves. And remembering one gold-star day in college when my wings turned out perfectly — my hair has never looked as good as it did that day more than 30 years ago when Farrah gazed back at me from the tiny dorm-room mirror. Sigh.

10 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. Oh my goodness. I just noticed that in these pics both are wearing feathers and I promise I never ever ever have worn feathers in my life. Nor drapery tassels. As far as I know, anyway.

  2. Wasn’t it an adventure trying to get those wings just right? Most girls just ended up with plastered hair. I admit to a few wing failings in my time!

  3. Oh gosh I too loved Farrah’s hair and remember thinking how glam she looked when she was a model. She was so brave to have the camera eye on her as she went thru her alternative and painful treatment for her cancer. She fought a good fight. Sad.

  4. I, too, thought of Carol Burnett immediately. “Oh, it’s just somethin’ I saw in the window and I couldn’t resist.”

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