Embassy Suites, Murfreesboro, TennesseeEmbassy Suites, Murfreesboro, TennesseeThis is why people say they’d like to live in a hotel (any by “people,” I mean “me”) — soft lighting, lush furnishings, hushed voices and nary a speck of dust or piece of cat hair anywhere. Sigh. Dear Husband and I were at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, this past week for a couple nights and I just wanted to take it home with me. The whole thing. I mean, who doesn’t love a bathroom with perfectly stacked thick white towels and a countertop free of spilled makeup and yesterday’s coffee cups? There’s something so simple and elegant and inviting about a bathroom you didn’t clean yourself.

5 thoughts on “Travel

  1. One thing that disappoints me about the Embassy Suites – and they’re not alone in this – is having to pay $10 a day for in-room Internet. Hiss and boo. But, all-in-all, it’s always a great experience to stay there … especially with good company.

  2. I love hotels, too. Fresh towels everyday that I didn’t have to wash? Leaving a mess and returning to find everything clean and I didn’t have to touch a vacuum? Nothing better.

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