Florence AlabamaSometimes it’s fun to play tourist in your own town. My town is Florence, Alabama, and the other day I was waiting for a doctor’s appointment (stupid high cholesterol) and instead of eavesdropping on overhearing conversations in the waiting room — “And then the nurse told me I should have taken two tablets instead and I told her, ‘Honey, I can barely swallow one!'” — I decided to wander around the block. I’d never walked here before and I was tickled to find the Cedar Nest,, a tourist apartment I’d heard about but never really knew where it was. This one-bedroom apartment is just a block away from all the action of historic and hoppin’ downtown Florence. It’s like a bed-and-breakfast without the breakfast part, although you could walk to several downtown coffee shops and bring back breakfast to eat Historic downtown Florence, Alabamaon the treehouse balconies. Historic downtown Florence, AlabamaAcross the street, I found this beautifully stately house surrounded by an intricate — and slightly menacing? — iron fence. This house makes me think of a graceful and gracious older aunt who remembers her days as a young belle of the ball before her fiance was killed in the war and she spent the rest of her life gently fading away. Or maybe I should stop reading so many Victorian novels. Anyway, I believe that this mansard roof means the house dates from around 1860-1885. Aren’t you impressed that I know that? Thank you, Mr. Google!

7 thoughts on “Travel

  1. We used to stay at a B&B in our town for special occasions it did feel like you were on vacation in your own city. Great pictures!

  2. Cheryl — This is right on the corner behind the off-campus UNA bookstore that’s on Pine Street. It looked so cute, and I like Kathy’s idea of staying somewhere like this in your own town for a special treat.

  3. Love those houses. And the Cedar Nest looks fun, and it’s certainly reasonable. So go on, pitch me on a weekend in Florence–what would one do and see?

  4. Becky — Get ready! One of the top draws for families to visit the Florence area is Ivy Green, the birthplace of Helen Keller. It’s in adjacent Tuscumbia, Alabama, and if your kids have studied Helen Keller they will love the birthplace. During the summer, “The Miracle Worker” is performed outside on the grounds — it really is moving to watch the story unfold while you’re right where it happened. Go to Florence also boasts the University of North Alabama, a gorgeous campus where you can visit the two real lion mascots (you can walk there from the Cedar Nest); the birthplace of music great W.C. Handy; The Rosenbaum House, the only Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home in Alabama; and of course there’s the Tennessee River and tons of music — remember the Swampers and the Muscle Shoals Sound? Go to and let me know when you’re coming!

  5. Cathy, that does sound fun! Especially the Helen Keller play. Don’t worry, I won’t come to town without letting you know!

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