Bathroom in Tupelo, MississippiRestaurants in Tupelo, MississippiHere are two of my favorite bathrooms in Tupelo, Mississippi from two of my favorite restaurants in Tupelo, which, by the way, is much much more than merely Elvis Presley’s hometown. The photo on the left is from Fairpark Grill,, an eclectic and modern space with a super bar and a menu featuring burgers, sandwiches and shareable appetizers. Theone on the right is from the Grill’s sophisticated older sister, Park Heights, — a serenely elegant and upscale restaurant that offers rooftop dining for an unparalleled view of downtown Tupelo. Both of these are owned by the Eat With Us Group,, which also started the family-favorite Sweet Peppers Deli franchise. Anyway, I love these bathrooms! Although my husband detests raised-bowl sinks like the Grill’s, I adore them and so wish I could sneak them into our bathrooms at home without him noticing. And the Park Heights bathroom is so peaceful and stylish, just like the dining areas. You all know my thing about restaurant restrooms: They’re the perfect spots pampering customers and making them feel special — like a little extra “We are so glad you chose to come spend your money with us” instead of “We’re forced to offer you these facilities so here you go.” These get it right.

4 thoughts on “Restaurants

  1. Okay, that’s a 10 for rest rooms and a 10 for the view. How was the service and the food? My wife likes to shop in Tupelo (I’m the driver/porter) and we enjoy trying different restaurants on these junkets. We love your blog and look forward to each new posting.

  2. Your husband John Pitts is right about those sinks. Okay for hands; bad for faces. Splashing all over the place. Aggravated by faucets that come out of the wall.


  3. Sarah — I love your comments! You are so right about the splashing, but they look so cool. And doesn’t style trump function?

  4. Jim — Thank you so much for the kind words. Sorry to leave out those important details! Both of these restaurants are local favorites with creative menus and well-trained staffs. The Grill is a more casual family spot although it does have a great bar. Park Heights is quieter and more upscale. Some of our visits have been more successful than others but you definitely should give them both a try.

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