Birmingham, Alabama

Gypsy Market in Birmingham AlabamaIf I could conjure up my dream store, it would look a lot like Gypsy Gypsy Market in Birmingham AlabamaMarket in Birmingham, Alabama. This combination upscale-convenience and funky-antique store is at the corner of Second Avenue North and 23rd Street, across from Urban Standard coffee shop and What’s On Second Gypsy Market in Birmingham, Alabamaeclectic vintage store and smack dab in the midst of downtown loft living. My younger daughter and I peeked in the store early one Gypsy Market in Birmingham, Alabamamorning after lattes and cappuccinos at Urban Standard and promised ourselves a return visit. Owner Kent Griggs, who had a downtown diner in Birmingham a few years ago, opened Gypsy Market to be a one-stop shop for loft dwellers who need a last-minute loaf of fresh homemade bread or bottle of wine — or something creative and whimsical to decorate the apartment with. There’s also a cooler of ice cream and a pot of Birmingham’s own Royal Cup coffee. This is exactly what I think of when I imagine living in a downtown loft — hanging out in a very cool space and drinking espresso all day. And eating ice cream and homemade bread, of course. Read more about Gypsy Market at and Royal Cup at And check out Urban Standard, one of my favorite coffee shops, at

P.S. Make sure to click on the pics inside the store to see them larger and get all the details in the backgrounds — there’s some amazing stuff here!

6 thoughts on “Birmingham, Alabama

  1. What a great store; a little bit of high quality everything. I wish we had a store like that around we I live. Have a sunny day!

  2. Michele — Yes, there is. There are also a lot of empty lofts due to some optimistic development two or three years ago — hopefully things will pick up soon.

  3. I have been in this store many times – it is wonderful. The ambience makes you feel right at home from the moment you walk in and the coffee was so good I now have to have it every morning as a part of my day. Thanks, Cathy, for showcasing a store that does it right!

  4. This place sounds great! They even serve my favorite Royal Cup Coffee. Next time I am around that area I will have to stop in to check it out.

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