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Home decorI love finding home-decor ideas in unlikely Home decorspots. You never know when you’ll stumble across some inspiration. Like these exuberantly painted kitchen chairs at the Bottletree Bakery in Oxford, Mississippi. How much fun would it be to grab worn-out chairs and leftover paint and create some whimsical seating like this? In no stretch of the imagination am I a painter but I think that even non-visual folks such as me could do this. I also loved this glass and metal sofa table I saw at a clothing boutique in Oxford. The owners had knotted colorful scarves through one of the support rungs Home decor— so creative! Couldn’t you just see this in one of those huge closets big enough for furniture? You could sit in there and sip wine and read “Town and Country” and contemplate what you were going to wear where that evening. But I might be able to use the same idea by knotting scarves through the ends of the storage shelves in our perfectly-adequate closet, where I stand every day and try to figure out which T-shirt is the cleanest. (And which, by the way, I am slowly inch-by-inch taking over from my husband, who luckily hasn’t noticed that somehow my stuff mysteriously keeps showing up on his side.) This lovely white painted chair with a toile cushion was at the same boutique. It looks like another renovated flea-market find that would be so simple to duplicate. Do you remember a few years ago when toile was everywhere? Then it sort of faded away but now it’s back to where it should be: A s a statement-making classic. And I think the white paint brings out the details of this chair to make it look like something special. Of course, folks who know me and have been to our house know that all my talk about interior-decorating projects is fruitless because I am much too lazy to do anything different from our current coffee-cup-and-stacks-of-newspaper decor. But I have high hopes and ambitious dreams. It just needs a lot more planning and fine-tuning … and shopping.

6 thoughts on “Home Decor

  1. I LOVE painted furniture, and diy funky painted furniture is even better. I say get a brush and go for it. And toile, sigh, there are so many pretty new toiles. Like that illustrate modern scenes–it is forever in magazines these days.

  2. Cathy, you underestimate yourself and your decorating skills. I love the way your house looks, and everytime I’m there I see something new and interesting to check out. And John, by something new, I mean new to me. I’m certainly not saying that Cathy is out buying something new every week.

  3. I paint furniture crazy colors and JR makes fun of me. I also take old tiles and plates, bust them up and tile them onto table tops. So much fun! And so easy. Give it a try sometime. No artist talent required.

  4. Whew, Evelyn — that was close! Thanks for a nice recovery there! But I so appreciate your kind words and everybody else’s encouragement. As long as friends such as you don’t mind putting up with the cat hair, I’m content.

  5. Of course I notice the closets deal.

    I just love you too much to mention it.

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