Shoes Oh, baby — come to mama! I am so in love with these shoes that I Chique in Oxford, Mississippigot this past week at Chique, an unbelievably cute boutique on the square in Oxford, Mississippi. Tucked in the back of a dress shop on South Lamar Street, Chique is the sort of place that your girly sexy soul sort of sighs in contentment whenever you Chiquewalk in. Chique came about after owner Angel Overstreet had gone on several mission trips to Brazil and decided to “help the Brazilian Shoespeople by sharing our favorite souvenir,” according to the Chique Web site — and she started with her hometown of Oxford. It’s quite obvious that these shoes aren’t from around here, as we say. Every pair was sultry and playful and sophisticated and comfortable and affordable — and talking directly to me. I finally narrowed my choices down to two pairs and had to call in reinforcements and drag my friends from their own shopping adventures to help me decide. I love these because they’re a bit more versatile — the other pair was definitely dressy but this pair can go with anything and even on into fall. For less than $100, too. Jackpot! And, to my dear husband who I know is reading this: I only bought these shoes for the purposes of journalistic investigation. And I don’t think I got the whole story, so I’m thinking a followup visit is necessary. Who’s with me? Check out the Web site at

16 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. Hi, Cathy, your blog is great, love all the features you do. And this story about shoe shopping is wonderful, good for you for treating yourself to a funky new pair of shoes. I scrolled down & saw the bathroom post & had to tell you I love Chez Lulu too, wonderful place for lunch & the bakery too. I’ve been in that bathroom! When you’re back in B’ham & have some free time, let me know and we’ll meet up for lunch sometime.

  2. I cannot believe I am writing this BUT I can’t remember the last time I bought a pair of shoes. I love the ones you got. I’m big on the sandal with heel. I prefer it as it stays on your foot and if the heel isn’t too pointy (which this one is not) it’s way more comfortable

  3. I really do think you need to buy a few more pairs for the purposes of comparison, you should also get a few from other stores to ensure a thorough investigation. Journalism can be tough sometimes.

  4. Well, Cathy, here is one thing we differ on. I don’t care a whit for shoes…didn’t even like my little patent leather Mary Janes when I was a kid. I have THREE pairs of dress shoes; white, navy, and black.

    I must admit the store looks charming, though. And definitely important for research purposes.

  5. I knew you all would love this store — both those who lust after shoes and those who can stand back and objectively admire. There’s room for all of us!

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