Summer Recipes

You know how this past summer the new recipe that everybody was talking about was Southern Living’s Tomato and Avocado and Grapefruit SaladWatermelon Salad? Well, that was the big news here in Alabama, anyway. It sounded so weird but tasted so good and after all, what can be better for you than fresh and just-picked juicy watermelons and tomatoes? Here at our house we made up a batch twice a week and practically lived on it all summer — it was that good.  So, in the spirit of honoring instant classics, I’ve found the latest New Recipe that’s going to be the hit of the season. Are you ready? It’s Avocado and Grapefruit Salad! I’m serious. This is so incredibly yummy and simple to put together that I can already predict it’s going to be another must-have summer hit, along with bright yellow purses, khaki Bermuda shorts and adding a fresh lime slice to your New Age wine over ice. I first tasted this salad when my friend Sherry Campbell, the director of the Shoals Culinary Complex, an incubator for small culinary businesses, in Florence, Alabama (, included it in a cooking class she taught recently. As soon as she said “avocados and grapefruit,” everybody sort of went “Huh?” But I promise you, you will love this salad and your friends will call you a culinary trendsetter and eagerly await invitations to your summer cookouts.

Avocado and Grapefruit Salad

Peel and trim the pith from four Ruby Red grapefruits. Working over a bowl, cut segments free of the membranes and let segments drop into bowl. Squeeze all juice from the membranes into the bowl. Refrigerate up to two hours. Immediately before serving, cut two Hass avocados in half. Slice each half lengthwise into six thin slices. Drain grapefruit and reserve juice. Add avocado to grapefruit segments along with 2/3 cup pitted oil-cured olives and juice of one lime. Toss gently to mix, adding about 1/4 cup olive oil just to coat the avocados. Season to taste with salt and pepper and toss again. Optionally, add some of the reserved grapefruit juice.

Need the Tomato and Watermelon Salad recipe that had everybody talking this past summer? Go here

And P.S. — I’ve got my laptop back! I’ve got my laptop back! I think, anyway. Maybe a couple minor problems, but we’re all optimistic, right? Right?????

3 thoughts on “Summer Recipes

  1. Avacado and grapefruit salad?? Oh, my – that’s got Beloved’s name written all over it.

    I’m glad you have your laptop back – did your IT guy say what had infected it?

  2. Those are two of my very favorite things right there…I’m going to have to try it! I am a huge fan of throwing whatever is in the fridge into a salad bc if you like all the tastes separately, they should go together right? Tonight I had baby lettuce, celery, carrots (wait…it really gets more exciting, I swear), strawberries and mandarin oranges…so good! Topped with Paul Newman Light Italian, grated parm, salt and pepper with some sunflower nuts thrown in for good measure…to die for. I’m going to have to try this one this weekend though. Looks yummy! Glad you have your laptop back!

  3. Aw, thanks, ladies. Yes, my laptop had some malware on it that kept slowing things down — complete user error, too, I’m sorry to say. And Mary Anne, your salad sounds wonderful!

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