You know how people say, “Oh, you’ll love (fill in the blank)” and you just nod and smile and agree politely because how do you know you’ll love (fill in the blank) until you actually do/are/try (fill in the blank)? That’s how I was when people told me, “Oh, you’ll love being a grandma” — but after 53 weeks and some days of being one now, I can tell you: Those people were right! Read more at my weekly newspaper column,

3 thoughts on “Grandparenting

  1. I have to live the grandparent life vicariously through you and my friend Ronda because my Daughter-in-law informed me for the thousandth time that she will not be having kids.

  2. Wonderful Grandma article! I am lucky to have five grands..If I had known what a joy they would be, I would have had them first! I also enjoy the going home, alone and exhausted to rest up for the next trip! 🙂

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