A Week of Spring — Entertaining

EntertainingHere in Alabama the tulips and dogwoods are in full Spring dinner partybloom with the irises close behind, so it must be spring! No matter the weather — mornings are still chilly around here — we’ve all got lighter and fresher on the mind. So this week I’m taking a closer look at spring things that have caught my eye. First in A Week of Spring is this beautifully set table my friend Cheryl surprised our four-Spring decorwoman book club with this past week. Although it really was no surprise — Cheryl’s one of those gracious hostesses who makes you feel so welcome and special, like she’s waited all day just for you to come over. (I’m the one who answers the door with, “Oh, hi. Was tonight our party? Well, uh, come on in but watch out for cat hair.”) Cheryl also is one of those smart shoppers who knows where to find bargains and stocks up when the price is right so all she has to do is pull things together. The butterfly-print tablecloth and napkins, the china-flower napkin rings and the pretty floral plates needed only a few spring blossoms for Cheryl’s menu of fresh green salad and a light pasta salad. And since we read “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortens0n (we liked it both for the history and culture and also for the inspiring story of the difference one person can make in the world), we had plenty of tea. And wine. Come back tomorrow for day No. 2 in A Week of Spring.

3 thoughts on “A Week of Spring — Entertaining

  1. Ahhh…. woke up this morning to fresh snow. Hooray! Will make the ash cleanup even easier….. Thanks for your comment, Cathy!! xo

  2. Ina — I cannot imagine cleaning up snow and ash. You are amazing. And Kathy, thank you so much for the kind words. We do have a lot of fun — it’s great to have a group you can do that with, isn’t it?

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