Spring Decorating and Coffee Cups

Decorating for springWhen my two now 20-something-year-old daughters were little, I went all out for holiday decorating — a trait I got from my own mom, I think. At this time of year I’d have bunnies and chicks and eggs and flowers everywhere. Now that the girls have their own spaces (one with her own family in their apartment and the other in her dorm room at college), I’m taking a break. I’m sure once I get the dozens of grandchildren I’m hoping for, I’ll once again turn our house into Holiday Headquarters — again, just like my own mom. But until then, my nods to the changing of the seasons are few: A new wreath on the front door, different candles in the living room and changing the coffee mugs and espresso cups I keep out on a tray in the kitchen, always ready for a hot steaming cup of goodness. This past weekend I finally put away all the winter mugs and cups and replaced them with Decorating for springEspresso cupsthe spring ones. I love the pink and green Portuguese-pottery espresso cups. They come in three designs: Rabbits, frogs and cabbages. I’ve found them the past couple years in discount retailers such as TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning but haven’t seen many so far this season. Plus, there are pitchers, bowls, dessert plates and serving platters —  I finally had to stop buying  because really, how many lavender bunny-themed cake stands do you actually need? I also adore this blue and green teapot and espresso cups with flower-petal saucers I found at a gift shop and the two pottery espresso cups from Starbucks I bought just a few weeks ago. And now I think I’m all set decorating-wise until July.

6 thoughts on “Spring Decorating and Coffee Cups

  1. Grown kids and no grandchildren around, but we still do the all-out decorating. Interestingly enough, I don’t have spring coffee mugs or teapots. I need to get some. I love the ones you have. Ooops, should have said good post! Waiting for the next one!

  2. I love your collection! I collect the same series from TJ Maxx of the bunnies etc.. but in plates. I love them.

  3. So glad you all like these. Actually, a friend in town and I both collect these and are on the lookout for the same pieces so it’s always a race when we hear a new shipment’s arrived. But, sadly, we’re not getting much spring-pottery love this year.

  4. I use to decorate alot more than I do now. I think it’s out of sheer laziness of not wanting to get out the boxes and put the items away. Although, for Christmas, I don’t hold back.
    I like your cups/saucers, mugs and tea pot. They are very cute and colorful.

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