Family and Friends

One of my new favorite things is taking my almost 1-year-old grandson, Capt. Adorable, to the playground. He’s … well, adorable! Because he’s an early walker, he’s so much smaller than everybody else running around — it’s like his coordination hasn’t caught up yet with his little toddlin’ legs. He mainly stands and solemnly observes with that precious forehead crinkled in deep baby thought. You can just see him processing what he sees and thinking, “Oh, so you’re supposed to go up here and go down there. And move over when somebody else wants a turn. I get it!” He knows and loves the things he can reach — these chiming bells, a giant tic-tac-toe game of revolving x’s and o’s and the baby-sized swings and slides — and seems quite amused at this alien concept of sharing.

13 thoughts on “Family and Friends

  1. Great shots. Such a precious one. Where’s my spoon? I could eat him up!

    I saw you over at Suburban Matron’s and came to see what was going on here. Great post to introduce me to what’s important to you, Cathy!

  2. I love those playgrounds with the music and all the wood. My boys used to love them. Recently I have realized that it will be great to be a Grandma. I hope I live near mine whenever that happens about 20 years from now!!

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