Basketball bracketsIt’s that time of year when we all sharpen our pencils and start filling out Sarah Jessica Parkerbrackets in anticipation of some intense and tightly played competition. And we immediately start to question: Are the No. 1 seeds worthy? Can the lower seeds work their way up? How much influence does “body of work” and “strength of schedule” have in the placements? And can we mere observers accurately predict the outcomes of these contests? The stories will unfold in the next several days as fashionista-watchers root for (4) Madonna vs. (13) Miley Cyrus in the Bjork bracket and (4) Sarah Jessica Parker dukes it out with (13) Ashton Kutcher in the Cher bracket. Yes, it’s Fug Madness 2009 over at our favorite celeb-fashion site, where our Fug Girls have organized the second annual bracket smackdown to name the worst-dressed celebrity of the year. It’s an impressive effort with well-researched archival photos of style choices you do not want to miss.

What? Did you think there was some other bracketology going on today?

3 thoughts on “Bracketology

  1. That is too funny! Actually, I am quite caught up in the brackets. We will be having dinner early in order to watch the pairings. March Madness definitely describes the atmosphere around our house. We are having house guests next weekend and my husband’s first reponse was, “That won’t affect my watching the tournament, will it?”


  2. Oh, we are definitely a basketball household around here, too. We’re all settled in for the selection show and can’t wait for the tournament to start. Hope your team wins — unless it’s playing my team, of course!

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